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How to Protect Your Home if You Live in a Flood Zone

A & A Property Restoration provides complete water damage repair and service for home and business owners in Minnesota. Contact us today and let us help you with damage from flooding.

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How Long is Too Long? Dealing with Water Damage

Have you experienced water damage? Take these steps to ensure a safe area, and prepare the home for a professional's assistance.

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What You Need to Know About Mold and Mildew This Spring

Learn how to tell mold and mildew apart and what you need to do about their presence.

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The First 48 Hours: What Happens During Water Damage

A & A Property Restoration offers complete flood damage cleanup and structural repair in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Contact us immediately and let us fully restore your home or business!

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The Restoration Process: What Happens During Cleanup

A & A Property Restoration offers comprehensive home cleanup from Fires, Water, and Storm Damage. Contact us today and let help you fully restore your home in Eden Prairie, Minnesota!

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What to Expect When Your Home Has Been Damaged By Water

If your home has been damaged by water, you're probably wondered about the next steps in the cleanup process.

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The Long Term Effects of Water Damage

Water damage can happen for a variety of reasons. However, if you experience water damage, it’s in your best interest to ensure that you take care of the matter promptly and professionally. Failing to remedy water damage properly can lead to a host of problems.

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After the Flood

A flood can be devastating and terrifying, whether caused by a burst pipe, a 100-year storm, or an overlooked roof leak. After the first consideration, the safety of you and your family, the material damage has to be addressed. Some personal items, no matter how expensive, can be replaced. Family heirlooms and memories are harder to place a value on. The house itself is the major, immediate concern and fortunately there are proven methods toward conducting efficient repairs. It is absolutely integral to repair efficiency you report the problem as soon as possible so it can be addressed before lingering water causes more extensive damage.


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Water Damage and Flooding

You shower every day, brush your teeth, and drink plenty of water for health and well being. You house, on the other hand, doesn't achieve great health through water but rather can be horribly damaged by burst pipes or the introduction of flood waters. Once water penetrate the visible areas of the home, it gets behind the walls and under the floors where there isn't enough airflow for it to dry where beyond rot it can cause permanent damage.

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Can You Get Rid of Mold From Water Damage?

If you’ve ever experienced a leak or in-house water damage, then you know that a battle with mold is serious. Mold can spread pretty quickly, left to its own devices.The repugnant smell can get on your furniture and in your clothes, literally living with you until you take measures to remedy the situation.

On your own, you will find it’s difficult to remove mold from water damage. However, with the help of a professional such as the members of our team at A & A Property Restoration, you will find removing mold from water damage a cinch.

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