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Where to Find Hidden Damage After a Fire

After a fire it's important to remember there is damage that needs tending to hidden in places you can't see.

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Fire Damage: What to Expect in the First 48 Hours

Has Fire Damaged Your Home? A & A Property Restoration can help you act fast to repair and restore your home. We provide property restoration for homes in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

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Don't Repair Alone: Why You Need Storm Damage Restoration Services

If your home has sustained harsh weather damages, take a step back. Don't jump into a DIY project without observing the details. Instead, contact your local provider to help. Your home is valuable, and it deserves the best services possible.

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What to Do After Winter Storm Damage

Winter storm damage is usually associated with damage to the exterior of your home or building, but in a worst case scenario such damage also causes interior damage as water is allowed inside where it isn't supposed to be. Water damage causes ongoing problems if ignored, rather, it has to be repaired immediately. What is a minor expense and more of a nuisance to deal with can become a major home restoration project if it isn't dealt with in a timely manner.

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You're Not Alone if Fire Scares You

As it always has been, fire is a terrifying event and you certainly aren't to be afraid of it and take extreme measures to prevent it from happening. Of course, a controlled fire in a fireplace can add a nice ambiance to a room and a well placed candle can add romantic lighting or nice smells, but an uncontrolled fire such as from a dryer, electric short, or cooking stove is an entirely different concept.

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Water Damage: Dealing with the Threat of Mold

If you are like most people, purchasing a home is the largest investment they will make with their money. Your home is also a place where you and your family create memories that last a lifetime. Unfortunately, in-home water floods can cause serious damage that not only threatens your home and personal belongings but your health as well. In-home floods can lead to mold, which can threaten your family’s health. As a result, it’s important to ensure that you hire professionals to assist with mold remediation.

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