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Where to Find Hidden Damage After a Fire

After a fire it's important to remember there is damage that needs tending to hidden in places you can't see.

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Summer Storms and Emergencies

Summer storms can be enjoyable from inside your house, but can also cause damage which requires emergency repairs which must be taken care of immediately.

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Fire Damage: What to Expect in the First 48 Hours

Has Fire Damaged Your Home? A & A Property Restoration can help you act fast to repair and restore your home. We provide property restoration for homes in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

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4 Examples of Emergencies That You'll Need to Call in the Experts

Homeowners should contact the experts when it comes to some emergency situations involving their home.

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Water Damage Should Only Be Handled by a Professional

Water is not often considered a damaging element it today's world. After all, man has learned to harness its energy and it is a substance that each living thing on earth must have copious amounts of in order to survive. However, water is also very destructive. For example, water can erode a hard substance such as rock over time. Within that frame of reference, you can likely imagine the damage it could do to your home.

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Why You Need Mold Remediation Following a Fire

Just because you don’t see a flame, doesn’t mean you are safe following a fire. After emergency services have put out the fire, you’ll find that your home is left with a lot of standing water. Beyond threatening recoverable items in your home, water damage can create a bigger problem for you and your family—mold.

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Steps You Should Take Following a Fire Emergency

There were nearly 1.4 million home fires in 2011. That’s a reduction of nearly 20%, compared to 2002, but still a significant number of people are negatively impacted by a house fire. Fortunately, by acting quickly, you can affect how much impact a house fire has on your family.

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Water Damage: Dealing with the Threat of Mold

If you are like most people, purchasing a home is the largest investment they will make with their money. Your home is also a place where you and your family create memories that last a lifetime. Unfortunately, in-home water floods can cause serious damage that not only threatens your home and personal belongings but your health as well. In-home floods can lead to mold, which can threaten your family’s health. As a result, it’s important to ensure that you hire professionals to assist with mold remediation.

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Top 3 Reasons Mold is More Than Just a Nuisance

Mold is a part of life in many instances. After all, who hasn't seen colorful -- and stomach-turning -- mold growing on leftovers in their refrigerator? While mold that you find on old food can be easily dealt with by simply tossing it in the trash, the presence of mold in your home is a much more serious issue. In fact, if you have mold growing somewhere in your home, it is much more than a nuisance -- and here's why.

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7 Surprising Facts About Mold Remediation Projects

Mold remediation is the process of tracking down all the mold present, removing it safely, and making sure that it cannot return. This is a complex process with serious legal requirements behind it – but many homeowners aren't sure how it works or what to expect. Here are several facts about remediation projects that often catch homeowners and businesses off guard when they first hear about them. Don't let remediation surprise you!

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