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Can You Get Rid of Mold From Water Damage?

If you’ve ever experienced a leak or in-house water damage, then you know that a battle with mold is serious. Mold can spread pretty quickly, left to its own devices.The repugnant smell can get on your furniture and in your clothes, literally living with you until you take measures to remedy the situation.

On your own, you will find it’s difficult to remove mold from water damage. However, with the help of a professional such as the members of our team at A & A Property Restoration, you will find removing mold from water damage a cinch.

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Fire Restoration: The Dangers of a Poorly Executed Restoration

Between 2009 and 2013, fire departments across the United States responded to 357,000 house fires each year on average. If you experience a house fire, your next steps will impact the monetary costs of getting back on your feet and the emotional costs associated with a fire. At A & A Property Restoration, we believe contacting a professional restoration company to restore your home immediately after a fire will help you jumpstart the process of getting back into your home. It’s not enough to simply hire a fire restoration company after a fire; the company you hire must be capable. Otherwise, you could face serious long-term problems.

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Protect Your Lungs With Mold Remediation After a Home Flood

Protect Your Health With Mold Remediation After a Home Flood

After you’ve experienced a flood in your home, the battle isn’t over. You still have to ensure that no mold grows in your home. Under the right conditions, researchers estimate that some forms of mold can begin to germinate between 12 and 48 hours. Within 1 to 12 days, you could see a colony of mold. With such rapid growth, for the protection of your health, you have to employ a mold remediation company as soon as possible if you experience water damage.

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3 Reasons You Need to Hire a Restoration Company

When a catastrophe -- a water leak or damage by mold, fire or storms -- breaks out out at your home, you might wonder what kind of options you have to repair the event's impact and get life back to normal as soon as possible. One of the first things that people often think is that they can simply take care of the damage themselves and avoid having to call the professionals in to do the job. This is often not as wise of an idea as it might seem to be at first. Here's why:

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Emergency Response Home Restoration

When damage occurs to your home, be it fire, water or storm induced, you hope to have repairs made quickly and efficiently so you and your family can return to life as usual. The way to go about having repairs made is to use a specialist contractor who understands your situation and has experience in these types of home repairs and restoration projects. Beyond the actual building repairs, there is the knowledge of specific issues with these types of damages while understanding what your family is going through beyond the actual building renovation.

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The Horrors of Flooding

Most families enjoy swimming and boating along with setting up sprinklers and kiddie pools in the yard for fun. Water is nice to have easy access to, enjoyable during the heat of summer as a way to cool down for children and adults alike. That is, until you experience a flood, which is a completely different experience than the leisurely use of water for fun and recreation. A flood can be a traumatic experience as you realize what the weight of water is and exactly how misplaced flood water can cause excessive damage to your home.

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Water Damage Following a Fire? We can Help

Experiencing a fire can be devastating, but after the fire is out, the real work begins. When a fire strikes, there is nothing safe in your home. Your furniture, electronics, and family heirlooms can all be destroyed by the fire or the water used to put the fire out. Although no one wants to go through this, it’s important that you know the next steps you should take to get your family back into your home.

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Why You Need Mold Remediation Following a Fire

Just because you don’t see a flame, doesn’t mean you are safe following a fire. After emergency services have put out the fire, you’ll find that your home is left with a lot of standing water. Beyond threatening recoverable items in your home, water damage can create a bigger problem for you and your family—mold.

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Steps You Should Take Following a Fire Emergency

There were nearly 1.4 million home fires in 2011. That’s a reduction of nearly 20%, compared to 2002, but still a significant number of people are negatively impacted by a house fire. Fortunately, by acting quickly, you can affect how much impact a house fire has on your family.

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Unexpected Disaster Control

Disasters can take many forms, but always have one commonality. You weren’t expecting it. You may have some warning of storms and flooding according to a weather report, but you expect your home or business building to be designed and built to manage such conditions. Fires are never expected otherwise you would avoid the situation which caused it. The first step to handle such a situation is to have a preparedness plan in place in case of emergency.  Part of the preparedness plan should be to know the name of a local contractor who specializes in such repairs so you can begin the process of returning to normal as quickly as possible.

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