For any family living in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, a fire can be devastating. While many fires can cause mass destruction (or in some cases total destruction), other fires only cause minimal structural damage to a home. Fires do, however, fill up a house with smoke smell and stains and fire can cause burns stains without contact. Property restoration companies can arrive on site and begin the process of cleaning up the mess. Restoration contractors can restore the inside and outside of the home by providing cosmetic cleanup services in a fraction of the time that a homeowner can perform the work. The key is to act fast and call a cleanup company as soon as possible.


The First Call You'll Make: Your Property Restoration Contractor

Although it's counter-intuitive to think that you'd call anyone before your insurance provider, the first phone call you'll make after a fire outside of your family is a property restoration contractor. Your contractor will perform an inspection for the purpose of confirming what the fire destroyed. He or she can also determine the scope and amount of destruction caused to the house.

When the insurance adjuster arrives to perform his or her inspection of the damage, the contractor can confirm the amount of work that will be required to restore the house. Keep in mind, the contractor's job is to be objective and represent the facts. By doing so, your chances of being compensated for damage is greater.


Call Your Property Restoration Contractor Immediately

One of the worst things you can do in the first 48 hours is to delay calling a contractor. Fire, like water, can cause massive damage that only worsens the longer it goes without repair. Processing insurance payments and scheduling repairs can take time. So you need to act quickly in order to protect and restore your home. If a fire breaks out in the kitchen or bathroom, there can also be water damage from leaking pipes. Your ability to begin the process of restoration in a timely manner can save you more money in further damage caused by outside elements, mold, and pest invasion.


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