There were nearly 1.4 million home fires in 2011. That’s a reduction of nearly 20%, compared to 2002, but still a significant number of people are negatively impacted by a house fire. Fortunately, by acting quickly, you can affect how much impact a house fire has on your family.

Get Your Family to a Safe Place

Following a fire, you may find that you can’t remain in your home. Even after the emergency service puts the fire out, you may have structural damage that could place your family at risk if you stay. Here at A&A Property Restoration, we recommend that you avoid returning to your home until emergency services recommend you do so. Even then, you should have a professional at your side to help you navigate your home.

Contact Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Memories and some personal belongings, you will never recover following a fire, but with homeowner’s insurance, you can get the financial assistance you need to repair or rebuild your home. To get the process started as soon as possible, contact your homeowner’s insurance provider immediately.

Once you contact them, they will initiate a claim, which will help you begin the process of restoring your life and your home.

Hire a Local Fire Restoration Specialist

After a fire, it can be hard to pick up the pieces. You may find that your emotions may get the best of you. However, your ability to handle the situation will ultimately affect your family moving back into your home.

At A&A Property Restoration, we recommend that you work with a reliable and qualified professional, like those on our team. Our experience and industry knowledge helps allow us to expedite the restoration process. With an expedited system, you get back in your home much quicker than if you would have worked with other people.

In addition to being fast, we are experienced. We will help you salvage items in your home so that you can save money, and you will continue to have something to hold onto.

If you are in the Minnesota area, and you have recently experienced a house fire, then we want to help you get back into your home. We understand that living with family members or in a hotel doesn’t compare to being in the comfort of your bed. We are here to help. When you are ready, do not hesitate to give us a call so that we can begin working on restoring your home from the fire.