Disasters can take many forms, but always have one commonality. You weren’t expecting it. You may have some warning of storms and flooding according to a weather report, but you expect your home or business building to be designed and built to manage such conditions. Fires are never expected otherwise you would avoid the situation which caused it. The first step to handle such a situation is to have a preparedness plan in place in case of emergency.  Part of the preparedness plan should be to know the name of a local contractor who specializes in such repairs so you can begin the process of returning to normal as quickly as possible.


Fire is arguably the most terrifying of disasters because of the immediate risk to your family’s safety. Afterwards, the loss of precious heirlooms and irreplaceable personal memories can also be devastating. Your home will have obvious fire and smoke damage, but you should also be aware there is likely soot in your ventilation system, carcinogens deposited in the attic and crawl space, and unseen structural damage. A great contractor knows what to look for and how to return the home to normal while understanding the trauma you’ve experienced in order to make the rebuilding process as easy as possible.

Water Damage and Flooding

Flooding can also be a devastating event, both for the emotional stress of the event and the physical damage it causes to your home. Again, a specialist who deals in disaster restoration will know how to empathize with you during your time of sorrow while making the repairs quickly so you can return to a normal life.


Storm damage can be as minor as hail breaking a window or as disastrous as a tree falling on your home. In either case, there is likely going to be hidden damage only a disaster contractor would be aware of. As important as it is to immediately repair the obvious damage, the same storm put water inside the structure of your home, causing a potential for mold or rot which needs to be addressed.

After a disaster, you have plenty of issues to deal with. There is no need for the repair of your home or business to be an additional problem to face. Allow a licensed contractor who specializes in disaster relief handle the immediate problem of building damage so you can return to normalcy as quickly as possible.